MotoTec/UberScoot 2x 50cc Gas Scooter

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  • Engine: 49cc 2-Stroke
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Introducing the MotoTec/UberScoot 2x 50cc Gas Scooter, the ultimate folding scooter for daily commuting and extreme riding. With state-of-the-art design and innovative features, this scooter surpasses all others in the market. Developed over 10 years, it is the toughest and most versatile PTV available. Tame any terrain with ease on the 2X!


Front "Cam-Link" Suspension- excellent resistance when landing after jumps.
2-Speed Gear Box - The first two speed scooter in the world! 
Quick Release Seat
Billet Deck - CNC Cut Billet Aluminum Deck.
Reinforced Frame - Superior design, quality welding and quality steel.
Posi Lock Folding - Improved folding system, with superior feel and functionality.
Top Speed: 30mph (weight dependent)
Max load: 265 lbs